Tell us about yourself Malin?
-I am a Skåning at heart, but live in Stockholm since many years. Mother of two wild and active boys of 7 and 9 years old. Work within IT and love the balance between people, business and technology. 


Malin, whats your dream race! 

-My why has always been the same, even though the challenges has over the years been pushed forward and in different directions. My why is strongly connected to staying mentally strong. Since a sick period for more than ten years ago, I have always prioritised my health and physical condition. The stronger body, the better state of mental health. Dream challenge for this year is Ironman Kalmar and who knows what will come if I succeed to finish that race!

What is a power woman for you Malin? 
-A Power Woman is you who set your goals no matter the preconditions. You who know the difference between noticing others goals, actions, standards in order to learn something rather than to compare. It is You who is kind to the core but has the power to set boundaries. It is You and Me who keep struggling with our daily battles but with our focus close at heart and goals in the stars.
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