We are happy to introduce you to Urska who will race in Marbella for Power Woman Athletic Club. You can follow Urska on Instagram  and get inspired of her training in beautiful nature of Slovenia. 

"My name is Urska and I’m a mother to a 2 year old, with a degree in Sports Science and a huge passion for endurance sports.

I live in Bled, tiny gorgeous town surrounded by Alps, in the northern part of Slovenia. I grew up skiing from the young age and pursue my dreams to become a professional skier till UNI. Almost 10 years later, after giving birth to my son, I decided to give swimming a shot and knowing that I’m quite good at running, and solid in cycling, I applied for my first 70.3. IM race. Sadly I got the famous virus just a week before the race and had to wave goodbye to my main sports goal of the season. But I got hooked by trainings, even though I haven’t tasted the proper race feeling yet. So after I got the mail from team Power Woman Official to race on IM Marbella, I instantly felt happiness and some nerves at the same time. I couldn’t say no to the opportunity like this, so fingers crossed that I get to the starting line healthy and that I’ll perform the way I wish too. I feel beyond blessed. It’s my dreams coming to life and I feel like I’m just getting started!"


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