We are community and we love sports


We are a non profit athletic club focusing on women's health, training, and having fun while doing it. We want to empower all women, no matter what your goals are.

Our primary focus is endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, triathlons, xc-skiing, swimrun, etc. All levels of athletes are welcome – beginners to professionals.

Power Woman Athletic Club is all about sticking together. We are a Team. This means that we always empower, support and value each other’s successes – whatever our goals may be.

We welcome professionals, beginners, both women and men to join our club.

Our mission is to improve womens overall health through movement. We believe that true power comes from within and is supported by a strong body and mind.

Everyone is welcome

Together we make a team of individuals, whose drive, and main goal is to support each other in life and sports - all over the world.

We have created a loving community with women's health and wellness in focus, where everyone always feels welcome. Each and everyone, all over the world are free to join us. To become a member you just sign up with your email, it´s free of charge and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Sign up and you will get access to all the information, inspiration and ongoings and get access to our amazing Team Clothes!

It doesn't matter if you are a professional or a beginner. The only ”rule” we have goes for - that we are kind and supportive to each other.

The story behind

Power Woman is a Swedish brand that was launched by Anna Wretling. Power Woman wants to give women the courage and strength to challenge their limits. Anna started the brand based on the fact that she started training when she was 38 years old by running marathons and ultramarathons and then learned to swim and cycle and in a few years rose to the top of her age group in Ironman.

The passion for exercise and health, women and design led her to develop the clothes with a pronounced focus on quality and craftsmanship, design and the woman's body. Power Woman is an e-commerce company with clothing for exercise, swimming, running, cycling, triathlon and skiing. Everything is made in our own meticulous production, down to materials, design, patterns and seams. "We have left nothing to chance" says Anna, who through the careful work has extremely satisfied repeat customers. ¨

Anna saw that many who wore Power Woman clothes gathered and felt a sense of community above all during races and also during training, so in 2018 she started it the non-profit organization Power Woman Athletic Club, which in a short time has become one of Sweden's largest sports clubs for women. The unique thing is that the association spans many sports and you can join regardless of where you live. The purpose of the club is to motivate and inspire better health and lifestyle.

"The heart is the most important thing, the heart both in compassion, understanding and kindness to oneself and others. And the heart as the center of the body, our life pulse." - says Anna


Power Woman Athletic Club came alive realizing that a lot women in performance sports had a hard time finding associations that they felt comfortable to join. A community without too much heat, pressure and without a tough attitude. Our association has nothing of this. We share ideas and dreams and we always support each other.

Our foundation is built on love and well-meaning. Since we are a NGO, everyone involved do it by heart and for the best of interest in women´s health.

The community is open for everyone. We only have one rule - be kind and supportive.