Become one of us!

You are welcome to apply as an ambassador. We are a non profit organisations so we are dependent of your help to spread the word, keep the team up and running and help to arrange various events, happenings and races.

We have 3 ways to engage as a ambassador.

1. Race Ambassador.

You simply apply in the form below and tell us the story and why you want to do a specific race and how you can inspire others through content and storytelling about that experience. We will give you clothes and a slot and you give us the story behind! You can also apply for specific races that you can find here

2.Brand Ambassador.

You can apply to become a 1 year Brand Ambassador. The main target and goal is to be a good will ambassador for the Team. This includes being a ambassador in your area of sports and be present at events both ours and others, talk about the team and make content on our social media platforms. You will also share your knowledge about your sport through blogg, articles and youtube. Information about this will come soon.

3. Team Ambassador

A team ambassador will help out with the Team Organization for 1 year at a time, depending on your skills. This is mostly tasks and formalia to keep the team running with every day/ week/monthly tasks. Everyone helping out with this important work makes the foundation of the team come true. If you want to set up a TEAM in your country or area this is the way to start. Are you interested in this please email us.