We are where you are

Together we make a team of individuals, whose drive, and main goal is to support each other in life and sports .

We have created a loving community with women's health and wellness in focus, where everyone always feels welcome Each and everyone, all over the world are free to join us. 

The only criteria we have is that you are kind to yourself and others. If you are interested in building a community where you are please reach out. We have a large community with thousands of members in Sweden since the team has it´s origin there.

The club is both present at physical events, training and coaching but also virtually where we can train and race anywhere togheter. We are a community that reach out crossborder. Many events are digital so you can join wherever you are.

New regions

If you are in a region, city och country and want to meet up, talk in your language and inspire each other we open our hearts and arms to you to begin the journey to build a loving community in your place to be.

Network, knowledge and support with motivation is much appreciated.

Contact us for more information on how we can connect you with others in your region.