Welcome to our community in the USA. Right now we are present in San Fransisco area but are growing so if you have any preferenses, network or ideas on how to expand further please contact us.

Women´s health

We wish to lift and encourage more women to participate in competitions and training and to increase health in general. We believe that everyone can do anyting if given the right opportunities and support so our aim is to inspire and motivate you to feel that it is possible to get a healthy lifestyle, do that race, try that new sport or just get started.

Coach Tilda

"Hello and welcome! I am Tilda Loftin and I am so glad you are here. I love to help you with your fitness journey wheter you are looking to amp up your fitness level before a race och trying to get a better lifestyle. I am specialized in training for MOM´s and MOM-TO-BE. I live in Mill Valley San Francisco and would love to get in contact with you to build our community and network. Welcome! - Tilda

Instagram @coachtilda

Training buddies!

What would life be like without training buddies? We are a group of girls who meet once a week and train. Most of the time we do strength training, but we also run sometimes! Training is so much more fun when you have someone to train with! Feel free to tag your favorite workout buddy and say it's time for a workout! 💪/ @coachtilda

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