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ENG Full distance 140.6 triathlon - 10 weeks basic Module 1 (of3)

ENG Full distance 140.6 triathlon - 10 weeks basic Module 1 (of3)

Training program 10 weeks Basic Module 1 (of 3)

Full distance triathlon  3890m swim 180,2 km bike 42,2 km run 

The full distance program consists of 3 modules where each module is 10 weeks so a total of 30 weeks to train for a full Ironman. Module 1 + 2 +3. You do the modules in the right order from 1 to 3 where 1 lays the base, 2 the foundation and endurance and 3 focused on competition. All programs also have triathlon-oriented strength training attached.

Recommended training experience before starting the program. Able to swim, bike and run continuously:  1500m swim, 90 min bike, 60 min run. 

Part 1 Basic 10 weeks

Progressive training program for completing a full-distance triathlon. The training is based on 4-week training blocks: 3 increasing weeks (quantity and/or intensity) + 1 easy week where the body should absorb all the training. 

Made by Coach Jane Nilsson. In English. Note that these programs are general to suit many people and you are responsible for what you think your body can handle and at what pace.

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